Normally, a bio would be written in third person, but this blog is a little more personal, so I’ll veer from the norm.

My early years, I lived as a street rat in a small Ohio town getting into more trouble than one Mom deserved to endure. Good thing she didn’t know half the trouble my brother and I found down various alleyways and side streets. Around age ten, Mom remarried and we moved to the farm. Talk about culture shock, but it probably saved my life.

I graduated eighth in my class of seventy, and then earned a bachelor degree in Social Work and an associate’s degree in Communications from Wright State University, all while working at chicken farm. Best job ever because it afforded me opportunity to dream up stories while I worked. I also met some great, lifelong friends.

I published my first short story as a junior in High School and won third place in a county-wide contest. Since then, over the years, I’ve published several short stories and articles and even won a couple more awards.

Primarily, I’ve worked as a geriatric social worker in retirement communities. I love working with the senior population. They’ve experienced and survived births, deaths, depression, wars, fires, divorce, life before technology, and on and on. If I’ve learned one lesson, it’s that I can survive anything. They’re a testimony.

I have three grown children. You can find Michael Ayers and his incredible artwork at Behance.com. Mel A is a freelance artist/illustrator. We are currently co-authoring a series of young adult romantic fantasy novels. More to come on this. Adam is a finance major and self-proclaimed video game nerd. He keeps the rest of us grounded.

Besides reading, writing, and caring for my home, I enjoy traveling, studying creation and origins, watching movies, and listening to all sorts of music. A fun night includes a good fictional novel (preferably romance), a cup of hot cider, and a little Frank Sinatra in the background.

Life is good. I am blessed. I don’t take it for granted.